Best Gaming Glasses For Eye Fatigue

This gaming glasses buying guide will walk you through all the features of gaming glasses. Once my glasses arrived, I’d take a side-angle photo and Photoshop them onto his face, as you see now on the site. The goal of computer glasses is to reduce eye fatigue, which also reduces overall fatigue. Easily change up your image and protect your eyes from blue light – with TOM original computer glasses. When it comes to determining just which brand is the best gaming computer glasses there are a lot of factors that usually come into play. In terms of comfort, all the members of our team found the J+S Glasses to be easy to wear, and had no problem having them on for long periods of time. These are the same quality glasses as you would use in a chemistry lab in school. However, if something does go wrong with your GUNNAR gaming glasses, you’re protected by a one-year limited warranty.

If you’re also playing in a room with a window (some nerd cellars are known to have these) good gamer glasses will reduce reflections and screen glare. Another headset that we’re looking forward to testing for our next update is the Razer ManO’War , the company’s first foray into wireless gaming headsets.

Well although I got my gaming glasses for health reasons, I also experienced the positive aspects that manufacturers claim on their website. Gaming in a dark room was a definite improvement in that I didn’t get a headache when wearing the Gunnar lenses but I consistently experienced headaches without them in the dark. Those who don’t experience eye strain or don’t see eye strain as a noticeable nuisance might want to steer clear of computer glasses and continue using technology as normal. I’ll just come out with it. Despite severe initial skepticism, I like these glasses and am glad I have them. As for my gaming, my apparent skill level increased after I got used to the glasses.

When a person wears a pair of socks and shoes, he protects his feet against the would-be damage of walking, and wearing a pair of while playing will definitely protect your eyes from all of the hazards that might come from gaming. For the price and how much you get for it, this headset is a real contender as the best gaming headset for a reasonable price, almost better than HyperX Cloud II. It is also highly recommended that you opt for computer gaming glasses, which are crafted from a couple of multifunctional layers. These are glasses that you can and should wear even if you don’t need prescription glasses (actually, if you need prescription glasses, you might need to order yours from an optician). Those glasses had a use a few years ago, when we had the old crt screens, with those anti-glare filters that most of us installed in front of those screens.

Doesn’t work for all the problems associated with computer eyestrain and only ‘sort of’ fixes the one that it’s designed to help. Produced in conjunction with GUNNAR Optiks , the DESMO from SteelSeries promises to reduce eye strain, eye fatigue and glare while improving contrast and focus. GUNNAR lens material has specifically tuned focusing power providing you with sharper, clearer vision. The glasses aren’t tinted enough to function as effective sunglasses, but they make overcast days look slightly warmer and seem to let objects stick out slightly more in low light. Other than that I have ‘normal’ vision, i.e. no corrective or reading glasses etc.

Don’t think that you’ll put these glasses on and instantly start hitting those headshots better, they said, which was the last thing I cared about anyway. The Gamer’s Edge glasses feel light, but these feel like they’re crafted from spider webs and morning dew instead of metal. Although created by a gamer for gamers, the glasses will also benefit people who use computers for other ends.